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Canadian wildfires raised air pollution. Lumber prices could be next.

July 17, 2023

Via: Construction Dive

Canadian wildfire smoke continues to blow over much of the U.S., raising air pollution to harmful levels for construction workers. Now, the impact of the fires is likely to raise U.S. lumber prices, too. Canada’s 2023 wildfire season has been […]

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Contractors find new ways to cope with elevated lumber prices

September 16, 2021

Via: Construction Dive

U.S. commercial and residential builders breathed a sigh of relief last month when softwood lumber prices dropped more than 30% after reaching an all-time high in May. Although prices still remain elevated, they have come down to a more manageable […]

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Little Letup in U.S. and Canadian Construction Material Cost Increases

August 26, 2021

Via: ConstructConnect

The headlines are no longer screaming about steeply climbing lumber prices. The ultra-sharp gains are over and a pullback phase has settled in. A moderation in price was expected due to housing starts leveling off and home renovation projects being […]

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Lumber prices soar due to shutdowns, higher demand

August 21, 2020

Via: Construction Dive

Several factors have led to the price jump, according to the Wall Street Journal: An increase in residential construction including do-it-yourself projects like decks. Low mortgage rates that spurred residential construction and remodeling. The construction of outdoor seating and dining […]