HITT hands out COVID-19 bonuses of up to $10,000

October 21, 2021

Bardin said that he hesitated to call the funds “hazard pay,” and instead referred to the bonuses as “appreciation pay.” When COVID-19 gripped the U.S. last year, construction workers at firms across the country became role models in how to […]

North American crane count decrease signals uncertainty

October 11, 2021

Category: Sustainability

The dip in Q3 comes after a spike in Q1 of 2021, which also followed a decrease in the crane count. Toronto has continued to tower over U.S. cities when it comes to the total number of cranes. One thing […]

Digital Twins for the Construction Life Cycle Go Beyond the Finished Project

October 7, 2021

Via: ENR

Anyone who has ever been on a construction site knows that surprises, complications and unforeseen circumstances are a nearly unavoidable reality, with even the most skilled and experienced engineering and construction professionals susceptible to them. The question is how do […]

Construction Processes, Interaction of Expertise

To Take Advantage of Infrastructure Bill Opportunities, Contractors Should Manage Data Better

December 2, 2021

Via: ENR

After several decades of under-investment in U.S. infrastructure, the construction industry finds itself on the precipice of a significant capital injection – a new U.S. government infrastructure plan. Not only does the plan propose to deliver upgrades to the nation’s […]

Construction Processes, Legal

5 Steps for Preventing Construction Site Theft

December 2, 2021

Via: ConstructConnect

From building materials to tools to heavy equipment, construction site theft is an industry-wide epidemic. In addition to the direct costs of replacing the stolen goods, there is also the indirect cost due to increased insurance premiums, rental costs to […]

Construction Processes, Financial

Houston Bridge Revised Design Adds $300M to Price

December 1, 2021

Via: ENR

Officials in Texas have settled on plans to replace a flawed design for the new Houston Ship Channel bridge project over safety concerns, with an added build cost of nearly $300 million on top of the original $962 million price. […]

Construction Techniques

Tech adoption makes construction industry top target for cyberattacks

December 1, 2021

Via: Construction Dive

The construction industry is an increasingly appealing target for hackers. Recent examples include Bouygues Construction, a French contractor, falling victim to a ransomware attack in 2020. That same hacker gang, Maze, hit a Canadian construction contractor before its attack on […]