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Construction had the most fatalities of any industry last year

December 19, 2023

Another trend also continued in construction: The “Fatal Four” — falls, struck-bys, caught-in/betweens and electrocutions — killed the majority of workers.

Other nationwide takeaways from the BLS report include:

  • A U.S. worker died every 96 minutes in 2022, compared to 101 minutes in 2021.
  • Unintentional overdoses at all workplaces continued a decade-long trend of annual increases, rising from 464 to 525 fatalities in 2022.
  • Transportation incidents accounted for 37.7% of all occupational fatalities, the most of any event or cause.
  • The fatal injury rate for Black or African American workers and for Hispanic or Latino workers increased in 2022 to 4.2 and 4. 6 deaths per 100,000 workers — both higher than the all-worker rate of 3.7.

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