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What is the status of the North American crane market?

May 31, 2023

Via: Construction Europe

Heavy equipment and construction markets are in a unique position. The United States is facing the possibility of a looming recession, while on the flip side, the country is seeing a boom in infrastructure projects following the enactment of President […]


San Francisco ranked the world’s most expensive city for construction

July 8, 2022

Via: Construction Dive

Amid several major disruptions to the world economy such as the war in Ukraine and COVID-19 related lockdowns in China, construction markets around the world are feeling the heat. In addition, high demand is putting more pressure on already strained […]


How construction starts fare by US region

June 14, 2022

Via: Construction Dive

Construction Dive is taking a look at the four different regions of the U.S. and how analysts expect these construction markets to rebound from the pandemic. U.S. construction starts across the board should continue to grow for the rest of […]

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The 10 large construction markets most devastated by COVID-19

August 27, 2020

Via: Construction Dive

A Dodge analysis of the largest markets for commercial and multifamily construction by dollar value shows the 10 biggest negative percentage changes in starts compared to last year. Conversely, commercial and multifamily construction starts in Phoenix bucked the national trend, […]