What The New York Times got wrong about construction

March 22, 2023

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In a recent opinion piece in The New York Times, journalist Ezra Klein rings the alarm that the $1.6 trillion U.S. construction industry has not enjoyed the productivity gains of other industries. He cites a research paper from two University […]

How to combat ongoing supply chain shortages in construction? Come equipped with options

March 13, 2023

Before 2020, the idea of lengthy wait times for construction materials was not only unheard of, it was unacceptable. Over the last two years however, as the supply chain crisis has continued, material shortages in construction have become a reality […]

Women in Construction Trending Upwards

March 6, 2023

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ConstructConnect’s support of the construction industry is largely a service to the boots on the ground, managers, and contractors putting plans into action. Women have a huge part in leading a new generation of construction game changers. While the narrative […]

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Protect your surety credit through partnership

March 27, 2023

Via: Construction Dive

For construction companies considering a transfer of ownership, succession planning is a powerful process with tools that can ensure a smooth transition. But even the best-laid plans can go awry if the company hasn’t included one of their most important […]


Despite labor shortages, construction in Texas is booming

March 24, 2023

Via: Construction Dive

Texas is a hot market for Minneapolis-headquartered Adolfson & Peterson Construction, and the general contractor is primed to take advantage of it. A&P recently tapped Tommy Meserole as director of preconstruction for central Texas. Based in Austin, Meserole brings more […]

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DOT Budget Hearing Shows Bipartisan Infrastructure Support

March 24, 2023

Via: ENR

The initial congressional hearing on President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget proposal for the US Dept. of Transportation showed evidence of continued strong bipartisan support for infrastructure, though the parties differed on the specifics. Also at the March 23 Senate transportation […]


Baltimore Construction Zone Crash Kills Six Workers

March 23, 2023

Via: ENR

Six construction workers were killed on March 22 when an apparently out-of-control passenger car careened into a work zone along the Interstate-695 Beltway in Baltimore. A preliminary investigation by the Maryland State Police indicates that the car, a gray Acura, […]

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Tutor Perini had the most OSHA violations among contractors during the past decade

March 21, 2023

Via: Construction Dive

Tutor Perini Corp., one of the largest contractors in the country, was cited 244 times for health and safety violations on its jobsites over the past decade — far more than any commercial or residential builder — and that doesn’t […]


Overcoming risk and unforeseen circumstances when constructing seismic retrofits

March 20, 2023

Via: Construction Dive

Many buildings within seismic zones are not built to withstand the impacts of earthquakes. Legislators in seismic regions across the U.S. have updated building codes and regulations to better handle seismic events for new construction and have put legislation in […]


What Are Living Infrastructures?

March 20, 2023

Via: ArchDaily

Infrastructure is widely known by the population in general, defined simply as a set of fundamental services for the socio-economic development of a region, such as sanitation, transportation, energy, and telecommunication. The commonly presented examples always refer to man-made physical […]

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The Daylighting Design and Solutions Introduction Guide for 2023

March 17, 2023

Via: gb&d magazine

Welcoming light into buildings diminishes the need for artificial lighting during the day and creates a positive working atmosphere for productivity and uplifted spirits. With the implementation of the right technologies for the space, daylighting is significantly cost-effective and a […]

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The long-term ramifications of head injuries at construction jobs

March 16, 2023


Between 2003 and 2010, a total of 2,210 construction workers died due to traumatic brain injuries. The construction industry in particular faces a high risk of traumatic brain injuries, and sees higher rates of both fatal and non-fatal traumatic brain […]