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How safety programs can help contractors save on insurance

June 25, 2021

Via: Construction Dive

Insurance carriers view many construction companies and contracting businesses as high-hazard. After all, many construction workers and contractors are exposed to hazards, such as falling from rooftops, working with heavy machinery, being injured by construction equipment, electrocutions and exposure to […]

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5 tips for choosing the right safety gloves for the job at hand

February 9, 2021


Workers use their hands constantly throughout the day. One mistake or hazard could lead to a lifetime of pain and a limited range of motion. Companies tend to lose more time and money on hand-related injuries than any other type […]

Construction Site Safety, Hazards

New job hazard analysis sheets can help concrete contractors

August 23, 2019


The Concrete Polishing Council (CPC), a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), has developed seven Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) sheets for tasks primarily related to the process of polishing concrete. JHAs are used on the jobsite, […]

Construction Site Safety, Hazards

How to negotiate safety practice in a construction company

May 8, 2019


Construction is a high hazard activity. Workers face serious dangers posed by heavy machinery, sharp objects, falling objects, falls from heights, asbestos, silica, electrocutions, among many other hazards. It’s in the best interest of workers and construction companies to ensure […]