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Construction Techniques

Remote Collaboration in Architecture and Engineering

April 14, 2023

Via: ArchDaily

Do you remember seeing images of designers leaning over large sheets of paper, usually in spaces that resemble warehouses, concentrating on their own technical drawings? While some may view these images with nostalgia for a simpler time as a sign […]


Architects, builders want to collaborate, but don’t see eye to eye on what that means

June 5, 2022

Via: Construction Dive

The report, in collaboration with Associated General Contractors of America, surveyed 286 architects and 209 contractors over several months in 2021. Recent trends — inside and out of the industry — have changed the way architects and contractors collaborate. “The […]

Construction Techniques

How a Common Data Environment Helps Construction Teams Increase Collaboration and Reduce Risk

April 29, 2022

Via: ENR

Major construction projects come with major data challenges. Not only is there the sheer volume of data to corral, but there are also many different teams each using their own technology tools, most of which don’t communicate seamlessly. As a […]


What does collaboration in construction look like?

September 20, 2021

Via: Construction Dive

The years ahead will present construction stakeholders with a wave of new challenges alongside familiar issues like rising costs, sustainability and a shortage of skilled labor. At the same time, these compounding challenges offer an opportunity to push the construction […]


Tech Giants Team Up to Develop ‘Building Transparency’

May 26, 2020

Via: ENR

In an unprecedented collaboration, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce, along with floor covering supplier Interface, are showing their collective commitment to embodied carbon reduction by joining the board of Building Transparency—a nonprofit formed recently to further develop a free-to-use digital […]

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To build water-efficient cities, water managers and urban planners must coordinate better

November 28, 2018

Via: BDCNetwork

For improved water efficiency in cities, water managers and urban planners must coordinate their efforts better, according to a new report led by University of Arizona landscape architecture and planning researchers. Lack of time and resources and practitioners not in […]