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Facades in the Circular Economy: Design for Disassembly

March 11, 2024

Via: ArchDaily

The principles of the circular economy have been most influential and applicable to the construction industry. Emphasizing the efficient use of resources, models around reuse and recycling of components and materials are increasingly being pioneered by global architecture practices. The […]

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5 Examples of Circular Economy Solutions in the Construction Industry

November 17, 2021

Via: ConstructConnect

Circular economy solutions aim at establishing a sustainable model of production and consumption by optimizing resources and reducing and recovering waste (giving it a second life as a new product). Thus, by adopting these solutions, businesses can extend product lifecycles, […]

Construction Processes, Design

How the architecture and design community can contribute to the circular economy

April 7, 2021

Via: Building Design + Construction

In the not-too-distant past, it was common to view materials through a “cradle to grave” lens. Raw materials would be harvested and turned into products, which would then serve a purpose. These products would eventually break, wear out, or go […]