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What Do Different Color Hard Hats Mean?

March 11, 2021

Via: Construction Informer Blog

The evolution of hard hats is remarkable, from a safety shield in World War II to indispensable equipment in modern industry. Over time, this tool’s journey sees changes in its materials and constructions for better service for workers. Although there […]

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Hard hat device facilitates social distancing, contact tracing

June 30, 2020

Via: Construction Dive

This spring, managers at a 2,200-person European construction site discovered that a worker had contracted COVID-19. It was critical to find out where he had been during his time on the 70-story tower project. To help trace the sick worker’s […]

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Climbing-style helmets offer a wider field of vision

September 9, 2019


Wearing a hard hat is essential for protecting your most valuable tool: your brain. The effects of Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI can be devastating, not just for the injured, but for their families as well. There are two important […]